Sunday, August 29, 2010

this n that

Lena's friend, Mila, had a birthday this week.

These little birds live in a nest just above the outside light above our door. Lena and Kent said they were the "Heritage Trio" from Penn View.

We made homemade ice cream for youth night a week ago. Everyone said the weather was too cold to enjoy it. (It was in the 70's)

Haircut time. The girl is training to be a professional stylist and is a regular. He needed a haircut. Our kitchen was the place. She used her equipment.

In past blogs of special events we caught this little girl looking over the fence into our yard to see what was going on. Her parents have finally given her and her sister permission to be at kids' klub and our services.

Going to the dentist is a family experience

We've been unsuccessfully trying to train Kent's pup. One suggestion we found online was to "crate" the dog at night, so Kent built a crate.

In good family tradition (Dave's mom heavily used duct tape.) he found duct tape as one of the handiest building materials.