Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miles and More

Whoo! (That's the sound of a sigh of relief.) Been there and back. The flights over the ocean and across the countries went better than normal. By God's grace a lot was accomplished and visited a lot of very important people.
Here's the car I drove--a rental seemed the wiser choice when Dave, the mechanic, wasn't along. In case you can't tell what those droplets are in the picture, they are sweat.
In sixteen days, this little car travelled 4543 miles. It was a work-out for the car and the driver.
Some of the important people I saw (but not all because I didn't use the camera enough!) follow.
My mother and father. This picture is almost a year old. Mother has lost many, many pounds since then.
My children and grandchildren. I didn't get pictures of everybody but here are David, Davey and Daniel. David has just got them out of bed.
Dave's mom.
While I was gone some major changes were made in our house. One room went from this
to this.
While I was gone from Nova Odessa, Faith Hamilton wrote that she might come see us to help out again this summer and planned to arrive a day before I did in Kyiv. What a nice surprise to hear, "Boo" in the Frankfurt airport and look up to see her standing there.
After a good night's sleep, we've been sweeping and mopping all the dust left around the house from the changes. We're looking forward to a good Sunday.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm making a quick trip to see my family on the other side of the Atlantic and take care of some other matters. It's amazing what all needs to be done before I leave for a couple of weeks. . . laundry, leave stories, verses and a craft idea for kids' klub, cut hair, leave a minimal amount of homeschooling . . . and so forth.

I tried to take some pictures of our village service but they weren't good enough to post.

In the middle of everything, we received a call that Dennis, (Allona and Vova's little brother) had two broken fingers. In the light of all the previous history, it needed to be checked out. The officials said they would but were awfully slow getting around to it. We made a quick trip and here he is with Allona.

Allona and Vova also had a talk with their birth mom about her spiritual condition and her life. She says she wants to change. Pray that God will work a miracle.

In the meantime we got a notice that the president of Ukraine had received our letter concerning Dennis' situation. What all the results will be are in God's hands.

As of now, I have a few more things on my list to do, before I consider my packing finished, so I'd better get at it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mnoga Monday

I was gone most of the day yesterday and when I was home the computer was occupied, but there are words that begin with "c" that I'm thankful for.

1. Christ and Christmas . . . words don't express how glad I am that God came to take a place among us.
2. Canned foods . . . makes cooking a whole lot quicker
3. Cocoa . . . a warm cup of hot chocolate is perfect fall through spring
4. Cookies . . . a soft, warm chocolate chip cooky fresh from the oven- um-m
5. Caring .. . comes in many combinations.
6. Candles for quiet meals with tasty food
7. Computers which make communication with others so much easier.