Monday, August 9, 2010

Ready or Not--Here We Come!

We didn't really feel ready but knew we weren't going to fit everything into the rest of the summer if we didn't get going. We got enough done the Friday before time to start the next week, to decide to try to pass out announcements on Saturday. We went out to the village, visited the two small stores and some of the kids who had been coming to kids' klub to pass out invitations.

Monday we had errands in Kiev, 300 miles away. Tuesday we got back in home in time to work but were "traveled out." Wednesday found us getting up bright and early to finish getting ready. We hurried as much as we could. We were there about fifteen minutes ahead of time but by the time we were set up, we were a little late. No matter, the children were very anxiously and patiently waiting. These three girls were among those who greeted us when we drove up.

God did help. You can tell how intent the children are on the activity of the moment by the expression on their faces.

The crafts were simple. Here is one boy helping a little guy with his craft. This boy has impressed us repeatedly with his determination to have a good attitude and to do what is right, no matter what the crowd does. Pray for Dima D.

And here is the whole crew on the last day of VBS.

What our helpers enjoyed the most was the quick picnic on the way home. This has become a tradition when we had to travel an hour to hold VBS. The Sturtevants started it!

These two guys are our oldest helpers. Neither claims to be a Christian but both have a hunger for God. Please pray that this hunger will outgrow any other desires in Artyom's and Dima A's lives.