Friday, April 3, 2009

A Precious Couple

Here are the folk I'm working with. A sweeter couple you'll hardly find. They are an attraction in any office we go into.

Few and Far Between

My life has picked up in pace considerably in the last few weeks. I've started an online review program for re-taking nursing boards. So my posts have been few and far between.

All of a sudden it was time for missionary convention and we needed to have our display table ready. I can't remember everything . . . but here is the answer to prayer. Those of you who get our thank you letters will hear about this, too.

About half the rooms in our rented house are carpeted. When we took our stuff out of storage there was an old vacuum there that had been given me another time. Dave ordered bags for it. We had hardly put the new bag in, when it quit. The budget wasn't big enough for a new one.

God gave a sweeper the same brand and lightweight like the first, old one, and more cabinet space in the kitchen for less than half the price of a new sweeper.

It seems like we're in another "impossible" situation now. And more difficulties arrise almost daily but I'm telling God, that these difficulties are like the water on Elijah's sacrifice on Mt Carmel, another bucket to show how marvelous our God is.