Sunday, August 29, 2010

People, people

Here are some of our friends. I'm putting people here that haven't been on other recent posts.
VenyaNatasha K.

Sergai and Kolya are regular attenders now.
I loved the affection in this picture of Ruslana and Viola, sisters.

Dima G consented to one picture for Katrina so that I would stop pestering him, otherwise.


Nastya and her two little brothers that she watches so continuously.

Maria, Lena and Mila

Angelina, it was hard to get a picture of her because she was in constant motion!

this n that

Lena's friend, Mila, had a birthday this week.

These little birds live in a nest just above the outside light above our door. Lena and Kent said they were the "Heritage Trio" from Penn View.

We made homemade ice cream for youth night a week ago. Everyone said the weather was too cold to enjoy it. (It was in the 70's)

Haircut time. The girl is training to be a professional stylist and is a regular. He needed a haircut. Our kitchen was the place. She used her equipment.

In past blogs of special events we caught this little girl looking over the fence into our yard to see what was going on. Her parents have finally given her and her sister permission to be at kids' klub and our services.

Going to the dentist is a family experience

We've been unsuccessfully trying to train Kent's pup. One suggestion we found online was to "crate" the dog at night, so Kent built a crate.

In good family tradition (Dave's mom heavily used duct tape.) he found duct tape as one of the handiest building materials.

Catch Up

This was part of an answer to prayer as I worked on a new theme for kids' klub. The theme is call unto me in the day of trouble and I will answer thee. I don't know if it's doing anyone else any good but it's helping me.

The verse is the border. Each cell phone lists a type of trouble and one of the Gideon-recommended passages of scripture for that trouble.

This one says "tempted? James 1:12-16."

Way back when!! Dave made a "mystery box" for quiet seat for VBS.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Before VBS I felt completely uninspired, especially concerning crafts. We had decided that puzzle pieces fit with our mystery theme. But I wasn't totally sure what to do with them. And our highly imaginative co-worker, Katrina R, had had to go home. I requested prayer on Facebook and did my best.

The children seemed to enjoy some of them. Some of them were left behind when they left.

Now coming to the last and hardest group of children to work with, we needed more crafts and we needed more attention applied to the ones we had. So Lena and I have spent the day working and reworking our crafts with these results.

This is a re-worked refrigerator magnet.

This is a pen/pencil holder for on a desk.

These keychain baubles look cuter in real life than they do in this picture.

My goal was to make the frame look lively.

The doorstop was the biggest surpise. It is a juice box, filled with sand, covered with wall paper and border and decorated with puzzle pieces. The monogram is a Russian "D" for Drummond.

This bookmark is a bit of whimsy from the first time around. The spots between the puzzle pieces are actually glitter glue.

Ready or Not--Here We Come!

We didn't really feel ready but knew we weren't going to fit everything into the rest of the summer if we didn't get going. We got enough done the Friday before time to start the next week, to decide to try to pass out announcements on Saturday. We went out to the village, visited the two small stores and some of the kids who had been coming to kids' klub to pass out invitations.

Monday we had errands in Kiev, 300 miles away. Tuesday we got back in home in time to work but were "traveled out." Wednesday found us getting up bright and early to finish getting ready. We hurried as much as we could. We were there about fifteen minutes ahead of time but by the time we were set up, we were a little late. No matter, the children were very anxiously and patiently waiting. These three girls were among those who greeted us when we drove up.

God did help. You can tell how intent the children are on the activity of the moment by the expression on their faces.

The crafts were simple. Here is one boy helping a little guy with his craft. This boy has impressed us repeatedly with his determination to have a good attitude and to do what is right, no matter what the crowd does. Pray for Dima D.

And here is the whole crew on the last day of VBS.

What our helpers enjoyed the most was the quick picnic on the way home. This has become a tradition when we had to travel an hour to hold VBS. The Sturtevants started it!

These two guys are our oldest helpers. Neither claims to be a Christian but both have a hunger for God. Please pray that this hunger will outgrow any other desires in Artyom's and Dima A's lives.