Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's been a long time since I've posted. But now our computer has been reformatted and even though we don't have hi-speed internet, I'll try to do some catch-up. There are several pictures, even though I haven't been taking as many because my camera became full with no good place to put the pictures!! and I wasn't blogging!!

This is the house God provided. It has 4 bedrooms upstairs, a huge living room and dining room that we are using to capacity.

The picture isn't really good but you can get an idea of how big the living room is from it. This is our family Christmas. Here's Davey, our oldest grandson.

And here's his little brother, Dandan
The Drummonds minus Jason, Bethany's husband, at the Drummond Christmas gathering in Delaware with Dave's mom.

For our main Christmas this year for ourselves, our children and our parents, we rented a couple cabins in Indiana so that everyone could visit my parents without making them work to put anyone up at their house. Here's Mother.
A picture of the loft in one of the cabins . . . Andy's reading.
Charity got an Irish hoodie from Nathan for her birthday. Here's the "Nathan-glow."

A yearly project for Christian Ed majors at Penn View is to make a miniature classroom. This is Charity's--a reproduction of our Kid's Klub room in Ukraine. (Katrina, how does it look?)Notice the detail in the cabinets, prizes, songs, (including the butterfly)and pencils.

Allona and Vova have been inviting friends over each Friday night if they've shown good effort and attitude in school during the week.

Allona and Alana
Vova and Cody
Charity, Dave and Allona have all been sick, in that order and degree the last few days.
Here's Charity sending/receiving text messages from Nathan.

Today Kirk fixed a huge country breakfast for all the family and guests. And I'll write a separate post about an answer to prayer. That pretty much brings me up to date with some of the highlights.