Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For Dave

These pontoon planes were at the Willow plane dock across from the airport in Willow, Alaska. I actually saw one flying about an hour before this. There was a small business advertising excursions into remote parts of Alaska, hence the pontoon planes.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The name brings thoughts of snow and cold. Looking from the plane window, all I saw were mountains and more mountains, most of them covered with snow.

And (Andy) I saw a couple moose as we were landing, so maybe I won't have to stop on the road!!! I didn't get a picture, though, hm-m!

In spite of the snow-covered mountains, summer flowers were blooming outside the airport and it was forty-something degrees.

New Friends

Allona and Vova made some new friends in Franklin, PA on Sunday when we visited the Wesleyan Methodist church.


Here's a Kodak moment that our son caught of our two grandsons the other evening. I tried about six shots. They were moving in all of the ones where the lighting was better!!

Starbuck's Experience

Among coffee-lovers, we hear over and over about Starbucks!! (Uh-huh, Katrina, your name is included here.) So we wanted our younger coffee-lovers to get a chance just once to see what it was like. Here they are.


Can't finish off my pictoral journal without pictures of our stop in Georgia, even though it's been most of a month ago. I've been wondering how much the flooding has affected the areas we were in.

Brother Dennis Hartman took us for miniature golf and then to the paddleboats. Allona and I stopped to enjoy the water lilies.

This train really attracted my attention because it reminded me of Independence, KS and then had a plate on it that looked like it had something to do with PA as well.

The children really enjoyed the sirens and lights of this fire truck. Thank you friends for showing us around.
Here's Dave and Brother Hartman shooting the breeze. (Another privilege of being home, men to chat to.)

We visited the Bible Methodist church and parsonage in Columbus. The Goings had a new pet.

And here are the rest of the Hartmans, Gail and Susannah.