Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lena's cat, Romeo.
A friend gave me these plants. All that I used to have, froze last winter.

I've been looking, thinking about how to get more seating for our "play" room where we have things for the kids to do while they are here. When I saw a picture in the Do It Yourself Magazine and thought of the doors that had just been taken out, I had to try it.Here are some of the pieces of our front door.

Here is our bench. The only thing I bought for it was some foam for the cushion on top. It cost 5% of the cheapest couch or beanbag I could find.

A quiet walk to the river.

A grain elevator is being built right behind our house on the river. We hear lots of noise of pillars being driven into the ground everyday. but the elevator should provide more jobs and help the small city be more prosperous.